Working on a monster ride 210 miles in 30 hours or less
While my leg has been heals and of course dealing with several other health issues, we've been working on a huge bike ride to do. The ride is 210 miles and have 17k feet of elevation to climb in both directions. The bike ride will leave from Bike Barn of Phoenix at 5am MST on October 20th and we have a max time of 30 hours to complete the ride. We're riding from Bike Barn to the Tonto National Monument and back none stop. This ride is all about adventure and endurance and the only reward at the end is knowing that you made it and of course some munchies with friends at the end.

You can check out the info on the ride by going to this link. If you're a cyclist who wants to ride all you have to do is let us know so we may as your name to the roster and be there to leave out when we leave out. When riding this ride each rider is fully responsible for themselves and whatever supplies they can carry or purchase at stops during the ride are the only supplies they have. Everyone is allowed to go as fast as they want to go or as slow as they want, it's simply about each rider enjoying the ride; and of course riding together can be fun as well. It's a long ride and all riders may go through tires, tubes, you name it as there's all kinds of things that could happen so everyone needs to prepare themselves for all possibilities.

This is the start of many rides we're planning and we're looking forward to it. More to come as we have more to share otherwise be sure to keep up with the Ride Link as it will change based on any changes or additional information as it is available.

Have an awesome day everyone and thanks for reading.