Working on background stuff.
I've been working on backgrounds and level layout. It's sort of slow going but it will pick up speed soon. A good friend of mine @flipswitchd helped me solve a few problems with my layout. Together we came up with a good way to solve perspective issues and make the level look visually interesting. I've decided the level is going to be broken up into sections. A, B, C and D then Boss.

A section is running on the streets, destroying property/objects/cars/trees/fire hydrants, sidewalks/etc  (platforming on small buildings and other tall objects) Oh and you'll be pursued by psycho ice girls that want to kill you the whole time.

B section will be about busting through buildings and choosing how you want to get to your next objective. Do you want to bust through the building and make it to the roof and then jump from roof top to roof top or do you want to just cut straight through (and miss all the secrets) so you can just move on? Or will you destroy all the buildings and leave nothing in your hellish wake? I would like to players to choose whatever makes them happy. Busting through the buildings is not just a mechanic you can also break into peoples rooms and see what they are up to. Maybe they are reading a book...or maybe something more devious...I don't know. Perhaps you'll bust through the wrong persons room and they'll kick your ass. WHO KNOWS!!?

C sections will be about hopping from vehicle to vehicle on a high rise free way. You'll also at times have to avoid being hit by crazy drivers!

D section will have you riding in your own vehicle and causing crazy mayhem to the city and your enemies.

The boss will be unlike any boss you have ever faced. That's all I can say about that.