Working Out The Bugs
Hey folks! Sorry for the delays in publishing on the Patreon page. I've been getting some upload errors when trying to post content. There is new content being produced! Yesterday I started seeing friends posting new content successfully, so it looked like the Patreon bug was a thing of the past... Then my ISP went down for most of the day. I'm going to apologize now if you end up getting a few update emails. - Joel
Tier Benefits
Join The Community
$1 or more per comic 2 patrons
If you get value out of my work, consider putting some value back in. Every pledge means I can spend more time on work for you! Plus you get to join my little Internet cafe of fun people.

As a patron you will receive:

  • My humble thanks.
  • Access to my patron only feed.
  • Access to the community Discord channel shared with my podcast,
    The Citadel Cafe.
  • Credit as a patron on Updates monthly.
Includes Discord rewards
Pencil Pusher
$2 or more per comic 1 patron
An artist or just a fan of seeing the comic process, this tier is for you! I share a close look at my rough sketches and process for each strip. Unlike the finished strip, which is public, these process posts are for Pencil Pusher patrons only.

As a Pencil Pusher you get:

  • Everything from the Discord level above.
  • A look at the rough pencils and creative process behind my Starcrossed comic strips.
Includes Discord rewards
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