Working out the Rust
I'm back! Almost. Maybe. Sort of. Still getting settled in here but I dragged my sketch book out today with the intention of doing a few action trash scribbles and getting all the rust worked out of my system. A whole week without drawing!!!! A WEEK. Gross. 

In other news, the loyal Print Beast (a.k.a. my expensive gd wide format Epson printer) took a hit in shipping and is now a 40lb paper weight. UPS picked it up today to inspect the damage on the box, which is mostly inside where the impact shattered the styrofoam and jarred the print head, which I carefully tapped, jamming several of my printing nozzles beyond anything I can repair. Hopefully they will decide to pay me the full $890 for a new printer, as I did insure the blasted thing. Ugh. 

BUT....check out the awesome reference books you kick ass people helped me to acquire!

These are amazing! <3 <3 <3 So So SO worth the money. You'll get to some some examples of whats inside as I continue my action trash scribble practice. 4 of these books focus on action, while one is a hyper angle collection of various shots of the male form. Drawing dudes still doesn't come as naturally as drawing ladies yet, so I figured that would be a good bonus. Plus, the model is gorgeous. :3

Here's two images from the book that started it all. I combined them a bit to create today's action trash scribble. So glad I found these! Now I'm eyeballing a couple books that are for drawing people at various ages, child - elderly. Those will have to wait until I'm a little less broke though. This move wasn't as expensive as it could have been, but it still drained my bank account.