Working outside in the garden
Dear patrons / everybody who is reading here,

Yesterday was no office day, we were in a garden!
We did the garden last year and came for maintenance works.
The property used to be a very large one with an old house.
However, the owner decided on building a new house, because the old one was no longer safe.
They also sold half of the property, because the whole one was just too large for their family.
These customers are so nice and really appreciated the garden they had before and wanted one with the same atmosphere, but in modern.
We were happy to create an urban forest!
However, since our last visit there were two new houses built on the other part of the property, which leaves no place for gardens and a beautiful old cherry tree had to go.
I stood beneath it when it's petals rained down...
I am happy I was able to create great memories with that tree before it had to go.

Ok. To cut a long story short, here some pictures.
I also shared some of them on Instagram.

Today I visited the German Embassy in the morning and walked through the Arisugawa Park, took some videos for Instagram stories and showed the park live.

I will upload the videos later.
If Instagram let me, I will schedule them to become public after three days exclusively for patrons :)

And... I am looking forward to #Patreon #lens!
Unfortunately I have no beta invite and don't expect it, because I am too small and not important 😭

Update: I forgot to mention, that I made some minor updates on our website..
I updated the informations about Ohashi-ke and Nishimura and Umetsuji-ke!