Working towards 100 miles a day average
Hey gang, so sorry that I've been so quiet; we've been organizing our sleep schedule and preparing for the #Beeline200 ride on October 20th. Not only have we been preparing for that super long time in the saddle I'm also training my body to ride 100 miles per day. I started today indoors pushing real hard on Zwift and tomorrow I'll go outside and do some climbing as well as ride my bike all over the place. I aim to get to 100 miles a day within the next 30 days, between now and the #Beeline200 I'll be pushing hard but I don't plan on wearing my body out too much before such a ride.

The game plan is daily to either ride indoors,outside or a mix of both; the ending result is to reach 100 miles each day whether it be 1 single ride or multiple. Doing multiple rides can work the body harder due to the stop and starts so I do plan to do multiple rides often so that I can push my body from time to time. Climbing is a big goal as I will be focusing on the huge climbing areas on Zwift a few days a week as well as I aim to find new areas that I've never ridden through out Arizona.

I haven't gotten any sponsors so far for the #Beeline200 so I'm still working towards having lights, enough extra tubes, you name it but no matter what It'll all come together. This is our first planned project ride and we've reach quite a few interested riders however Ironman is the following day so if riders attend the #Beeline200 then awesome and if not I will enjoy the ride myself. Huge thanks to our Patrons for the continued support, also we are working on setting up our own printing shop to make our own shirts and more; details when their available. Hugs!