Working with the Ancestors.
I have been getting in touch with the family of ancestors I plan to venerate. I started with the two that were closest to me Joel, and the Queen of Bowling Green nightlife, Miss Honey Duvet. Yes my friends, Papa O not only hosted burlesque, but was also taught how to perform burlesque by Miss Honey herself. Today we worked on the veves for Honey Duvet and Joel. (Veve are conjure symbols that connect the spirit of the deceased to a specific gate, where they can be readily called upon) Joel or as I called him, Jo-El, I met in 1995. I was an already dedicated witch in the Graxion tradition under Joy Landa, and Joel opened my mind to new religious philosophies, and I opened his mind to the world of the occult. We taught each other that the city of Elizabeth, NJ was alive with magic. That paradise and love could be found along the Elizabeth River and under interstates. Once we ink in the veve, I will send them to the families and post them on Patreon.