Works in Progress
August has been a slow, but progressive month in terms of job apps and personal projects building. So, I'll be sharing thumbnails here of what I have lined up for the next few months. Since graduation, I've been slowly applying for in-house positions while restarting my freelance more full-time; it's a weird balance, but applying for conventions also bring a little stable money every once in awhile. I also have several pieces I'm working on for Gallery Nucleus and Nucleus Portland, which I'll update soon with the dates and previews. As for the above, it's a project that I'm working on with my partner, whose creative insight helps edit and provide a second eye to my art, as well as help with the writing. It's a untitled comic collaboration, and the thumbnails are my layout for the first short - a joke about my pet bunnies. I'm considering the limited color palette as it seems to fit the style.