Works in Purr-ogress - Chessie Chemo Hattage! :>O<:

Having finished both Mike's Blue Hat and Mike's Red Hat (piccys coming soons!), it is on to Ms Tookie's hattage, which she has been most eagerly awaiting.

The Pattern is Delisa Carnegie's Slouchy Hat pattern (, with a few modifications because I do that. Also, Chessie likes colors and stripes.

What does this all have to do with storytelling for whatever width of world?

Simple. (tho' not always easy). For all the joy of work, when you are doing work you love, still, it IS work, and there must be downtime to accompany it.

And while crocheting is work of another sort, it is also rest and respite so totally counts.

So more updates on the crocheting-front as events (and purr-ogress) warrant.

In the meantime, the yarn calleth and I obey. :D 

Chirp, chirp! :-)
-Birdy :>O<: