WORKSHOP #2: "How to make a children’s web series from scratch on a shoestring budget"

"How to make a children’s web series from scratch on a shoestring budget"

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In this workshop, Danny LaBrecque, creator and host of the children’s web series, Danny Joe’s TreeHouse, will share practical methods for creating, launching and maintaining a children’s web series. 

Attendees are encouraged to bring their imaginations and cardboard— lot’s of cardboard! 

● Introduction

● Who is your target audience? 

● What is your message? 

● What is your theme?

● Set, props and puppets

● Home studio 

● Camera… lights... sound… action!

● Pre-record, livestream or both

● Pick a platform… any platform

● Show up and deliver 

● Q&A 

Workshop leader bio:

Danny LaBrecque has been in the field of early childhood development for over twenty years, working in Chicago, and now Baltimore, as a specialist of play-based therapies including storytelling, art, music and puppetry. He began his career with seven years in the preschool classroom and then spent six years as the lead curriculum developer for family and student experiences at the education department of The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. 

In Baltimore, he has served children and families through Baltimore City Schools, Head Start, Holistic Life Foundation, and the Ark Preschool, the only accredited preschool in Baltimore for families experiencing homelessness. 

Danny’s area of expertise is in abstracting overwhelming social experiences that impact young children and their parents through storytelling, art, music and puppetry. He creates safe and objective spaces in the classroom and online for young children to explore and process complex issues. 

Danny applies a classic live-action children’s television approach to present-day social issues, including media and technology, gun violence, racism, religious discrimination, gender identity and expression, and more through his interactive web series, classroom program and live theater experience aka Baltimore’s last standing local kids’ show: Danny Joe’s Tree House. 

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