Workshop Series: Installing ReShade 2.0
Welcome to our Workshop Series for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited. A series of videos showing you quick “How-To” guides for the various mechanics within the MMORPG, The Elder Scrolls Online.

In this video, we will be showing you how to go about installing ReShade 2.0 for The Elder Scrolls Online!

ReShade is an amazing program that has an awesome set of shaders (including SweetFX) that install very easily. Now there are three things I want to point before I get started. One, this does NOT change textures, think of ReShade as throwing an overlay on it. Two, this has been cleared by Zenimax Online Studio’s as safe to use and you should not get banned for using ReShade or SweetFX injectors (source). And thirdly, your FPS impact should be minimal, ReShade generally won’t hit your FPS hard or at all but be warned it CAN have an impact.

Download ReShade 2.0 –

Download a Preset: *In the tutorial video I used this preset (


- This tutorial is ONLY for ReShade 2.0 or ReShade Framework. If you look for a preset at the website above make sure it says "ReShade Framework" under the Shader column.

- IMPORTANT: If you see the ReShade program open up and it does not look like the video (sometimes it may appear as a white program) and I HAVE no idea why it may do this. Do not be alarmed it should work fine

- IMPORTANT: If you can not select the "d3d11" selection when you add eso.exe to ReShade, still click on the "d3d11" button to make sure it won't change. This is hugely important. For some reason it defaults to OpenGL and I don't know why.

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