It's no secret that I want to help you be more creative in your daily life. With that in mind, I'd love to do mini workshops for all of my patrons, no matter what level you are at.

Below are a few things that I can teach or have taught in the past that I'd love to share with you. Choose as many as you would like and feel free to reply with more specific things or anything not on the list.

These will be short, Q&A type workshops and fairly basic. These will be available to patrons only, from 1$ on up. More in-depth workshops will be taught on Zoom at higher patron levels.

NOTE: The first few options below are "topics". The last few are "venue" which is how you want to interact with me - watch live, watch anytime, or Q&A style.

Thank you for helping me to make more content for you! You are helping me grow as a creative, and I hope that all of this is inspiring to you as well! Thank you for being here, I appreciate your time. xo

Topic: Watercolor

Topic: Drawing

Topic: Mixed media collage

Topic: Developing a zine

Topic: Outlining a story

Topic: Character development (writing)

Topic: Character development (illustration)

Topic: Book cover design

Topic: Comic book page layout

Topic: Surface pattern design

Topic: Editing a manuscript

Topic: Other (comment in reply below)

Venue: Facebook Live in a private patron group

Venue: Zoom with Q&A discussion

Venue: YouTube with questions gathered ahead of time

Venue: Other idea (comment in reply below)

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