Workspace: Corkboard 1
I promised behind-the-scenes, and behind-the-scenes you get!

Being an exciting and glamorous animation freelancer, I work out of my bedroom – or, perhaps more accurately in my case, I have a bed in my office.  I've always found it more useful to have the things I need to refer to up and spread out where I can see them all at once, rather than in a folder on my hard drive, so I have two big corkboards over my workspace.  This is the first one, rescued from the shed and a little warped from damp, but still functional.

A guide:

1.  Print of a Wilson watercolour (the Barrier from Cape Crozier, January 1911)
2.  The Shore Party – all the men who stayed at Cape Evans over the first winter, minus the cook Clissold, and Ponting, who was behind the camera
3.  An impression of the Antarctic by Dafila Scott, granddaughter of R.F.
4.  Jack London's "Credo"
5.  Remembrance Day poppy (UK)
6.  Tina Fey quote: "Confidence is 10% hard work and 90% delusion."
7.  "A Quiet Sunday Evening on the Terra Nova "
8.  Maps of southern Ross Island, from the original edition of Worst Journey
9.  Remembrance Day poppy (Canada)
10. Battle plans for the graphic novel

At the bottom you can see the tops of my 'PhD plant' – I got the seedlings from a former housemate who was working on her PhD, and that's what she called it.  I'm not working on a PhD, though it certainly feels like it sometimes, and I'm just romantic enough to imagine a connection between the health of the plant and the state of my project.  It's grown enough in the last year that I've just had to repot it.  Do what you will with that.