Workspace: Corkboard 2
The guided tour of my home office continues with my second corkboard.  This one is directly over my desk, and as I can see what's on it clearly without my glasses, it usually holds whatever is most relevant to what I'm currently working on – in this case, the short clip of Bill animation –and as such, has a much higher turnover than the other board.

1.  Cast lineup: when figuring out designs for an ensemble, it helps to give them each a distinctive silhouette by which they can be identified.  As I've gone through designing characters in greater depth, I've found some of these will need to be changed, but it's still a good guideline and reminder to keep things shape-oriented.
2.  One of Scott's photos of man-hauling up the Beardmore Glacier in deep fresh snow.  It reminds me that however hard this project gets, it won't be as hard as that.
3.  Capt. Scott's portrait at the National Portrait Gallery – last I was there, it was back in storage, but it was glorious to see it up close when I could.
4.  Bill model sheets/exploration: one of the reasons I did that bit of animation was to chip the rough corners off this design.
5.  The Tenements - bunks of Cherry, Birdie, Titus, Meares, and Atch
6.  The worst ever photo of Cherry, taken by his friend and neighbour G.B. Shaw, around the time Worst Journey was published.  I have great fellow-feeling with this picture, and his expression asks me why I'm not being more productive.
7.  To-do list . . . I have not done very much on it.  Eep!

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