Workspace Wednesday Is Shamelessly Cozy
How cozy?  Well, I'm on the couch, under a blanket, and my Fitbit thinks I've taken a total of 99 steps.

(In my defense, I did basically roll out of bed and straight into a chatline volunteer shift, but still.  Somewhere somebody with an intense Protestant Work Ethic(TM) is screaming and they don't know why.) 

This week has been a really good writing week.  I haven't looked at the Unsalable Thing because I've been working on the Tropefest thing, and while I am interminably slow sometimes at putting words down, I'm energized by the words that are happening.  I've got a lot of unstructured time today earmarked for working on it, and while it's 50/50 that I'll finish by this afternoon -- I seem to do my strongest stuff in discrete pieces at the moment -- I'm both ahead of schedule and feeling confident.  

That, friends, is a fabulous damn feeling.

I do have some nerves, though, not about this piece but about a possible other thing that a friend suggested.  It's barely theoretical at this stage, but I have New Project jitters about it, and my whole procrastination thing is largely fear based, both going in and getting out.  Neurosis levels are high.

But.  I'm going to poke at it.  Today and/or Friday.  Because I said so. 

Shop day looks really good this week, too: 

I'm experimenting with necklaces that are partially beaded, and I'm learning to make wire wrapped rings.  The price point on those aren't terribly high -- I'm still doing very simple stuff -- but I'm pleased with how these first, shop-ready basics are coming along.  I might invest in a wooden mandrel at some point, though, if only because the metal one I'm using puts my teeth on edge with the scraping sensations.  

I also had a local person who's purchased some of my work approach me this week about doing a custom piece: a companion to a unique earring.  We prototyped it together at Starbucks yesterday: 

I'll be rebuilding it in silver chain, doing a more elaborate wrap with the crystal, and using a "nail" for the skull rather than a wire loop, but I'm pretty pleased with it.  It's my first time doing something like this in a bespoke kind of way, and -- as with the writing stuff -- I had/have a lot of anxiety about it.  I probably lowballed on the price by, like, a lot.  

But this is good.  I like making stuff.  Making stuff with people is nice.  I just need to learn to breathe while I'm doing it.

This week I'll be finishing up designs for March rewards.  Orders for those will hopefully go in around the 16th, but I'll keep you all in the loop if there are additional delays.  

As always, thanks for your support! 

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