World Building Wednesday 35 - The Orc and Brogh conflict, two stories....

Welcome to another patrons-only world building post, dear readers!

This week (inspired by the second to last Fairy Fae Week prompt, which I will be uploading as soon as possible), we're looking at the Brogh and the Orcs - their conflict, and how each of them thinks it came to be.

To say they've been at war for time immemorial would be a bit misleading, but they have been constantly in conflict. That conflict does escalate into battles and periods of actual warfare often enough, but there are periods of peace too, in which they just leave each other alone (with much ill-thought festering until battle erupts again).

The Orcs think this came to be because the Brogh, who have been in the Lowlands much longer than they have, tried to take them over when they first appeared there. In their remembering, the badger-folk came at them with an air of superiority right from the start. They tried to tell them what to do, how to live their lives and treat the land around them. When they pushed back, battle erupted, and the Brogh used their magic to prevent Orcs from having magic of their own, ever. But the strange aggressors could not overtake Orcish honor and courage. Failing victory, they retreated back into their lands on the coast. They've holed up there ever since, still refusing to share their bounty with any other peoples.

The Brogh remember it very differently.  They believe that when the Orcs appeared, they tried to help them, stepping in to stop the in-fighting that was already going on between the Orc clans. They tried to show them that the land had plenty to give - scrabbling over a "lack" of resources was folly. During their last attempt to reach out and help the newcomers settle, the Orc clans unexpectedly banded together and attacked the Brogh with full force. They had to retreat and put up barriers in order to protect themselves. Between this attack and the fact that the Orcs' warring was actively hurting the forest around them, it seemed to the Brogh that the Orcs meant to be harmful, meant to take away from others rather than survive peacefully and in harmony. 

What is actually true, now that generations have passed, remains to be seen....

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