World Building Wednesday 47 - a (lost) Gnomish creation tale

Time for another (usually) patrons-only world building post, dear readers! 

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How the Gnomes, and their world, came to be is a mystery - there are as many stories about it as there are Gnomish individuals. Here is one lost take on their creation, through the eyes of some ancestral devotees of Carwen, Gnomish creation goddess of Love....


Before we all existed, there was a quiet darkness, a quiet land and a sky filled with stars. Bright twinkling lights with no form and no connection. The gods themselves looked on, happy with the beauty they saw, but in time they began to grow bored - even dour Anosmia, and especially bright Fizzlebott, who yearned for spirits to inspire.

Great Carwen was not as irritated, content always in the pure Love that forms her. However, she saw the struggle of her fellow divinity and was moved to action - after all, the stars should light something, and how much lovelier existence would be if there were beings to spread Love as she herself does! 

So she shook herself into motion, going to each of her kindred in turn for their help.

First, she sought Butrus, great god of stone and earth-crafting, and together they went to Kimmer, goddess of the silent plants. They breathed their power into rock and mud and vine to form our bodies, while Carwen sought Shipley - god of family and animals - next. He added his warmth and his kindred-caring to our half-made selves, and Carwen brought forth Fizzlebott to spark our creativity, to fill our bodies with breath. 

As he worked, his purpose so near and dear to her own heart, Carwen poured all of her grand Love into us.  Finally, Anosmia came forth and hand in hand with Carwen, cast her protection and strength over each one. 

The beauty of the starlight filled us and the life of the plants blessed the air and space around us, solid stone beneath our feet to keep us sturdy and safe. And the first Gnomes opened their eyes.

We found other peoples, eventually, though we do not know if they were here before us or afterward. And we have tried, since, to bless the world as we were blessed, our divine creators - especially her Compassion - watching over us, still. 


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