Tier Benefits
Shin Sekai (REMIX)
$1 or more per month
 Comics! This will feature regular Worldender updates. Not much more to it. You get at least a page every week. 
New Horizons
$3 or more per month
Including the previous tier, you now have access to PDF's of the non worldender comics I plan on releasing, as well as PDFs for completed Worldender stories. 
Sunset Road
$5 or more per month
 Including rewards from previous tiers, you will receive hi-res Worldender pages released in batches of 5. 
Station to Station
$8 or more per month
 Along with all previous tiers, you will receive early versions of Worldender pages, which more often than not is a very different, unpolished experience. These combined with the hi-res pages is the closest I can get to conveying my process on a regular basis. 
$10 or more per month
Printed editions, but I hand deliver them. This is obviously somewhat exclusive, but I see 2 of my 10 euro subscribers every week, making them pay shipping costs is dumb. This tier can also apply if you would see me at shows.  
Promise (Reprise)
$11 or more per month
Along with all previous tiers, finished printed editions with be mailed out. The additional charge is shipping costs. Book sizes undetermined. March subscribers will receive Theme of Laura Act One.
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