The World In My Head

What's all this noise that i hear
Stupidity keeps on trumping in my ear
Get out of here black man, i hate you white man, who let the devil loose?
While clowns talk on podiums, pocket filled with billions, but sadness as a child gets abuse
Where am i going, i can't fight this alone.
Hello, police? foolish guy, hang up the phone, the cops are color prone
Please, get out of my head, you are driving me insane
The voices, the voices, the faces that flashes, the swastika on his forehead, white power sinks in his brain
Let go of my hands, i have been in bondage too long, i am too strong, i am, maybe i am wrong
what's wrong with me, please someone, can you say
i believe no matter how white, how black, how brown, we are humans the same way

But the world is full of shit, or is all that mess in my mind
is wickedness the new good, and goodness is kept blind
Here it comes again, the shadows, the screams
The people who died, got killed, heart betrayed by the American dream
What to do, what the hell to do? i run to the bottle to calm my soul
but instead it burns a deeper a darker hole
i look through my dirty windows and see the programmed minds scuffling
i think, it would be so easy to jump, no more pain, no more voices in my head mumbling
I take a step to the ledge then a familiar voice echos again on the television
I know that dumb sound, but the alcohol gave me a blurry vision
Get them out, Confederate Flag, Block the borders, now i know who it is
Still this noise keeps trumping in my ear, a voice of hate, discrimination, a voice full of shit

I can't take this any more, it must be now or not at all
I open my window and the ground prepares itself to accept a fall
Then a knock on the door disturbs my time preparing for the floor
a familiar voice calls my name, "daddy, daddy, open the door,
It is my sweet little daughter, Isabella, her mother dropped her off
It was Tuesday, it was my time, her day off
No i can't, i can't let me baby see me like this
I stepped off the ledge, opened the door, she ran and hugged me and greeted with a kiss
A single tear ran down the side of my face
how could i be so selfish, taking myself away and leave her alone in this stinking place
Now the voices in my head, they still echo, the world is still evil, people still see color
But i have to fight for my little angel, i have to see her go on
it's a terrible time we live in, but faith will help me weather the storm