World of Final Fantasy anime trailer reaction: MY CHEEKS HURRRT!
I want world of final fantasy now! This glorious chibi anime trailer was my happiest reaction vid ever. I'm still smiling right now! Gahhh woff cutscenes are an instant pickup all the time every time. I'm serious people, I might just end up loving this game more than ffxv.

Tama is a beast! Reynn and Lannn are dope! The gameplay! The soundtrack! The bosses! The monsters! The pokemon killer! Sephiroth, Rikku, Snow, Lightning, Squall, Cloud, Ramza, Tifa, Eikko, Tidus, Yuna, Celes, Quistis... gah I know I'm missing loads! I can't wait to see them! I want to go to grimoire now! I'm so hyped! Hold me! HOLD MEEE!

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