World of Revilo Facebook Group
I created a new Facebook group..... thinking it might be easier to chat there about all things Revilo than making folks go to the forums. 

If you are inclined to join in on the quest you can do so here

Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per month
Pledge $0.01 or more per month
Patrons Only
$1 or more per month
Thank you sooo much for sharing your hard earned money with me! I really appreciate you supporting me & my creations.

As a thank you, you will have access to a new downloadable Patron-exclusive wallpaper each month.

Creature Curious
$2 or more per month
Thank you for supporting my quest!
What you will receive:

• Patron-exclusive wallpaper each month
• Access to the Patron only Feed
• Advance notice of new work

• The next 8 patrons of this level or higher will have something in Revilo named after them (it may be a person, a creature, or a city, the possibilities are endless)

Creature Cult
$5 or more per month
You are part of the inner sanctum of my Creature Cult
What you will receive
• A Creature Cult button will be mailed to you along with a personal message the first month as a member
• All of the rewards listed in the previous levels
• Access to my Patron only message board
Creature Curator Apprentice
$15 or more per month
Your dedication to discovering new creatures is top-notch
What you will receive:
• An original pencil drawing mailed to you each month
• All of the rewards listed in the previous levels
Assistant Creature Curator
$25 or more per month
The assistance you provide to my quest is unparalleled
What you will receive:
• An original watercolor sketch each month
• The rewards from Creature Cult and Creature Curious
Creature Collector
$60 or more per month
You are a true collector. You will receive a limited edition resin cast creature head. There will be a new creature every 6 months. For each of the months between a new sculpt a new color variation will be made. There will only be 15 of each color version made. Any not claimed on Patreon will be available at conventions.   US Shipping is included. International shipping will be determined on an individual basis.
$125 or more per month
Your support goes above and beyond. You know you want a creature for your home; all in due time. 
  • You will receive the rewards of the Assistant Creature Curator 
  • $100 each month will be put into a reserve for you to use towards a future purchase
  • You will have the option to lay claim on all new pieces (except commissions) before everyone else
Includes Discord rewards
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