World Championship Training Tier
Hey everybody, I created a new limited time tier. I won't be making it out to worlds this year. I'm sad about this. But rather than focus on missing worlds, I want to help someone else be successful at worlds. I will only be taking on a max of 2 people to help prepare. If you want more details as to what this training will entail, feel free to message me. I have outlined some of the details on the main page. Hopefully, one of you will take me up on this so that  I will feel like I have been a part of worlds. If not, good luck to everyone who will be going!

Edit: Well ... that was unexpected. I did not realize this tier would sell out so quickly.  I am considering opening up one more slot. I was just going to open one more spot at $100, and see if anyone was interested. But that doesn't seem fair, if multiple parties want it. So, instead I think an auction would be the fairest approach. If this interests you, send me a PM, with your bid on the last slot. 

And thank you so much for your support. I am happy that my own loss of not going to worlds will be helpful to a few of you. I am sorry that I do not have the time to help each of you on a more direct level. I will of course be offering more general advice to all of my patrons, and I am hoping that one of you will win worlds!

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