The world we know : Mikado life
I'm waiting for you , I m waiting for you to look at me ...and tomorrow come without warning ." Mikado sung every morning . Mikado has lived his life in someone else shadow. His mother Nariko Asuno, was the first one in history to become an XXS-Assassin . She is the biggest reason why he wants to become an XXS-assassin . She always taught her kids that you need to be perfect to get love and fame in G.O.D.S and in life." Mik-mik come here son." His father called." Yes papa what is it? I need to go back and train." Mikado said in a huff of breath. " you know son being perfect is not everything." His father said, but no matter how many time Mikado's father told him, mikado can not stop trying to shine as bright as his older siblings. So when he was 6 years old, he was forced to fight his way to the top and stay there for is mother affaction and on his 10 birthday ,his mother and older brother Daiki officially challenged him to fight them when he becomes 22 years old. It called ' raven kings death'. " little weak Mik-mik ,so weak." Daiki said push his brother in to his on birthday cake. " stop ruining my b-b-brithday." Little mikado cried. "Daiki stop mess with Mik-mik." Mao yelled at Daiki . Daiki was about to punch mao ,until mikado throw cake and ice cream at him. " ahhh that cold you little rat! You'll never be mom favorite or the next raven king!!!" Daiki yelled not knowing there mother was right there. " Daiki Daiki so your already showing your imperfections . mmm?" Their mother called out as she walked in the room. " mama what a raven king?" Mikado asked. " my sweet children want to know the tale of the raven : the king of shadow. Well I'll tell you the short tell . 4000 year ago there was a king who had two sons . The first born was named light of peace and the second born the dark of the night. Later on the king was killed by an unknown assassin , the son of light claim it was his brother night, who killed there father for revenge for not getting to marry the one he loved the most. Her name was dove. She was light and night love , but when it came time to choose she choice night. Light might be pure as can be but not when it comes to love . So light put a magical spell over night and spilt him and his power in to three different being one was a bird as dark as night and the sky turn to day and night and finally a man was prince night human form , now he prince night was no longer prince of night and now King Asuno the founder our clan and the new raven king start the way for us to live by. Kage o koroshimasu Asuno Mikado I challenge you to the death of the raven ." she yelled at a shocked Mikado. " No fair mom I want to challenge him. Kage o koroshimasu mikado Asuno for the title of king. " Daiki yelled with angry and hate. " what dose that mean?" Mikado asked "On your 22 birthday night the one's that call you to the challenged are the king ravens and they will only say:' Kage o koroshimasu' or kill the shadow. If you can not fight them you will be killed by them . " his father said with hits of fear and sadness in his voice. " I'm waiting for you , I'm waiting for you but tomorrow always comes.....ohhh ohhhh. " he sung's with every memories of fight's with anyone. " and the list of regrets grows more..." He looks up and see rin his hawks flying though the sky. " rin come let go for a ride. " mikado jumped on rin back and rode off . Now that he 17 year old , training outside with his sister Mao and hawk rin. " metal crawl storm !" Rin shout out and millions of claws coming raining down from his wings hurling to mikado. " real just a storm yawn .." Mikado said with no interest and pulled out his shadow gun " defense shot 54 : Russia reverse. " mikado yelled . "Don't get too cocky." Mao said With a smirk and black blade. " I'm ready for a new challenge sister." Mikado.