[Worldbuilding] Overview of the Temporal Entanglement Platform
Users of TEPs are known as operators by the govt but lay people, especially more spiritual folks, may refer to them as summoners or even mages and priests because of their belief that they are tapping into ancestral or spiritual forces.

TEPs work by exploiting the phenomenon of temporal quantum entanglement, which is how two atoms that are remote across space and/or time will sync in their states where what happens to one immediate happens to the other. By linking atoms in an interface with atoms from the past the user can sync energy states from the past to atoms in the present. This allows one to convert atoms around you into flames for example without using any form of fuel except the entangled carbon atoms that creates the connection.

TEPs use an exotic electrical current to convert carbon based fuel into a lattice of entangled atoms, like a circuit board of sorts. The continuous electrical impulses from the user's nervous system keeps these entangled atoms in sync and controls what the entangled atoms/energy do in the present.

Type of object= Adjusts what type of energy is produced (heat, vibration, telekinesis, electricity, magnetism, information) with the default being heat. This is due to each object being tied to particular times/places in the past

Type of focus (emotional focus, informational focus, meditative/mantra focus)= Type of control you have over the energy i.e directed energy blast, area of effect, self-augmentation etc.

Intensity of focus= Stability of the connection i.e. level of control


Examples of summoning effects:

- Slave shackle + emotional focus = Vibrational energy manifesting as an earthquake

- Herbs + meditative focus= life energy manifesting as healing

- Soil + emotional focus= heat manifesting as flames

- Cloth from ancestor's clothing + informational focus= information from that ancestor being manifested in the user.

- Fragment of a warrior's armor + informational focus= manifesting a sword from that time period


Scientists suspect that one can't pull energy from the future because for us the future doesn't exist yet, which is why the tech only allows connections to the past.

Some fringe groups with TEP tech engage in experiments to change or sense the future by trying to entangle with future atoms/energy (vs it being pulled by some operator at a future point in the timeline).

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