Worldbuilding Wednesday #005: Insight on Primordials – the Traveler
“The desert night finally begins to grow cold. Alisharni, once strong, is reduced to laying upon a bed of sand, swaddled in a shroud of furs as she had been upon her birth. The wounds she sustained in her last fight to defend her tribe are festering, sending a warm ooze down her ribcage, and she can feel their crawling magical corruption creeping through her extremities to her slowing heart. As the cold grows colder, she feels less pain, and her fever gives way to strange dreams of crows and knights, dead men and sprawling wilderness, and the ties of fate being knotted into a tapestry of color and time and things that once were or always will be. When she wakes, she sees a great light, and thinks herself dead, but she stands, and her wounds are but scars. A voice from the heavens requests her aid, and she draws her spear once more, this time with new purpose.”

The Traveler first awakened during Human-kind’s first generations as the Primordials warred. In attempts to garner the upper hand in this warring, Fate chose a young woman named Alisharni as her vessel. She was a warrior of a noble tribe of Fa’duur women, dying of infection in her wounds. Little did Fate realize her vessel was human as they came, and quickly began fighting for the balance between primordial beings, and thus against Fate herself. Of all the primordial servants and beings, this makes the Traveler unique in their mortality of form and mind. 

Oftentimes, the Traveler’s magic comes and goes in its earthly representation of primordial magic, and when it does come around, the Traveler doesn’t even realize what they are doing for the balance of the world. Merely, they are drawn to people, locations, moralities and occurrences that they would not ordinarily find themselves drawn towards. The Traveler’s magic draws the individual towards anything that would advance the flow of time, and on occasion it goes against their free will and character for sake of balance. Remembering the Traveler as a person is tricky business, mostly due to this magic clouding the thoughts and minds of ordinary mortals, mundanes and mages alike. Be this as it may, the Fa’duur believe that Alisharni was simply the first of the Ayan’oas seers, and thus the reason they have the most powerful mortal clairvoyance known to humans. Scholars believe this might not be her true name. 

With mortals being mortals, there is always a time that the Traveler must pass on their power to the next in the cycle. This is not done through reincarnation, though if mortals truly knew of it for lack of primordial haze, they would believe that to be the case. The Traveler grows drawn to someone, or the inverse is true, and the pair go through an exchanging of powers. Most often, after the Traveler passes on, either their spirit will reside longer on Terrum or they will ascend. In Alisharni’s case, it is true in both directions. She faded to spirithood, then ascended to primordial servitude to Chaos. 

Even in a war amongst primordial forces, balance must still be achieved.