Worldwide Art Drop Day 2016
Although I didn't find out about this until last minute, I decided to participate by hiding (in plain sight) 16 postcards in various Texas towns. It took a little longer than one day and I realized about halfway through that most people won't take down something that looks like it's stuck to the side of a building.  I suspect most of the postcards are still out there available to find. This is probably why people put their art in bags and tape them in weird places. Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun and at least one of my postcards was claimed!

I had stuck one on a vending machine at a rest stop and one of the attendants found it and contacted me with a very encouraging message on Facebook. :) I am also pretty sure the one at the Half Price Books in Fort Worth was picked up as I placed it, went to look around the store and when I came back by on my way out it was gone.

I am glad I did this with postcards this year. I would have been a little wary about leavin' an original piece taped where someone might just toss it in the trash (not everyone appreciates art if you can believe that).  I also liked placing so many out there for people to find. It gives more people a chance and I had fun finding places to put the postcards and photograph them so people could find them if they went lookin'. 



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