Worst Artist, it is me.
Patrons, I come to you on my knees in abject remorse. It has been months, I know, and I am deeply sorry for my lack of presence, and also deeply honoured that you have stayed with me and still supported me through this period of inactivity. I would say I don't deserve it, but most of you are personal friends and I know you would say that it's not such a terrible sin to have been eaten by life and work and that horrible artist's block that sits somewhere between procrastination and the despair that you will never produce anything worthwhile again.

When I was at my most depressed, I broke a lot of promises to myself about sticking to my commitments.  Eventually I had to learn to be sort of okay with doing that, because when you're depressed, adding excessive guilt to the mix just makes everything so much more paralysing and hopeless. You tell yourself it's okay that you failed a bit; you'll do better next time, and sometimes the next time doesn't come very quickly, if ever. 

But my Beloved Mia has been pestering me and still want to prove to myself that I can create something meaningful; something that will bring pleasure to people (and myself) so I am starting again! I may be slow at first, but I want to practice consistency, so expect some little sketches like the one above while I work on building the next few scenes of the comic. Quinn here is demonstrating what it feels to be showing my face once again to the audience who is far too good to me, but a bit of chagrin is probably good for the soul.

Thank you, though, for still being here with me, and for all your love and support.