The Worst Filing System Known to Humankind
...has now been transformed into the SECOND worst filing system known to humankind! Yes, today, using my newfound epic powers as a Page of Paper,* I took some time to complete Goal 1 of my Patreon campaign, meaning that the tag system on the blog is now... somewhat less terrible and confusing! The main thing I did was trim redundancies and most of the single-entry tags (aside from a few that I expect to use again at some point). I also altered a few tags--"Sam the Feminazi" has been converted to just "Feminist" because some people find that term offensive even as a reclaimed ironic parody slur and honestly the joke wasn't that good anyway. A few other joke tags have been culled for being confusing or redundant. And all of the guest author tags have been given the beginning "Guest:" so that they all line up neatly in the tag list. There probably won't be a new article this week because I'm flooded with Thesis stuff, and I want to take the time to start working on some of the other goals and on the big ongoing article collection project. Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible! *CONTINUITY!