WOTS Version 131 with Robin Fairbanks
Today on the podcast we have Robin Fairbanks. Robin and I got together  and talked a lot of the behind the scenes ideas to consider when in a  band.  We talked about her experience managing for bands including Fox  and the Law and drops her knowledge on best practices for working with a  manager and how to manage yourself until the time comes when someone  will work with you. We also got some back story on Robin and the many  fields of the industry she has worked in including being a standup  comedian and writing for SMI Seattle music Insider.  I hope you enjoy  this conversation as much as I did.

Featured Music:
"Drive You Home" by Bradford Loomis off Bravery and the Bell
"Go Slow" by The Hollers off The Hollers

Learn more here: https://seattlemusicinsider.com/author/rockinrobin/

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