Would you like to get HTML RPT Issues online same day?
Would you be interested in getting an online HTML version of each week's Roleplaying Tips Newsletter? Patron Jochen Linnemann showed me a much easier way to publish the newsletter at roleplayingtips.com each week. Thanks Jochen! So I'm thinking of putting in the (now far less) time to do this as a new Patron reward. You'd get online access *the same day* the newsletter gets emailed out, if not before. Just login to your account at Roleplaying Tips and you'd find the latest issue there. In fact, I've got RPT#644 already added to your account as a test: https://www.roleplayingtips.com/my-products/ Then, after 4-8 weeks, I'd make the newsletter public to everyone. Would you find this a valuable Patron reward?
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