Less than 24 hours after posting our cover of Decode by Paramore, we have gotten over 1,500 views and they're rising!! You guys did that. Your support for us helped us afford the time and resources to record a cover like that and widespread it to everyone! Thanks to you, our Facebook page likes, Instagram and twitter followers have all seen an increase tonight. We knew what this channel would mean for us. Lots of extra work. Lots of sacrifice. Lots of long nights planning. But we knew that we could count on you, and we got exactly what we wanted out of this. This is only the beginning!! We still haven't reached our breakeven point yet, but we're half way there and cutting corners until we reach that point. We just wanted to take a moment to truly thank you for being with us for the first month of this project. There were technical difficulties and scheduling conflicts and more. Through it all, you stuck with us. As time goes on, we'll get the hang of this and YOU can say you were here from the very beginning. More amazing covers to come!! Xoxo, Echoheart