Wow! First goal met in one day!
Thank you all so much for your generous support! Because of you, a fund has been established to begin purchasing relics from our recent past. It's important to document the design decisions of yesteryear because they provide insight to the culture and philosophy of that time period. For example, using these resources, we can augment the findings of the census, which doesn't start reporting on certain homebuilding trends until they are widely established. By using these resources, we can determine a true origin date for documenting the changes in residential housing. Examples of this include: exterior material being mainly vinyl siding (lumped together with "other" until 1992), and the expansion of the number of bathrooms (originally the max was 2 1/2, but was increased in 1987 to 3 or more, however design books and home plans began the trend of adding more bathrooms sooner.) I'll be sharing some of these documents with my Patreon patrons as part of my series "From the Archives of McMansionHell" along with informative commentary. Thank you all for your continued support! Best wishes always, MMH
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