Wow! We blew through Goal #2 and about to hit Goal #3!
Thank you all so much for your kind and generous support. We can't thank you enough!

I'm not sure what happened, but all of a sudden this week, we are getting people joining our Patreon rapidly. After taking a year to get just the first 4 supporters, we've wonderfully gained 7 in the past few days!

It happened so fast, I didn't have a chance to announce we made our 2nd Tier Goal, "Audible Glamer", consistent monthly audio podcasts! We have done occassionaly podcasts, and let you kind Patreon supporters have very early access long before the public. Now at this level, we will schedule one podcast per month consistently. We will do this at the end of our weekly staff meetings / training sessions, so there will be a fair number of people available to discuss various topics you will find interesting. We welcome you posting questions you would like to hear addressed in upcoming podcasts. Feel free to post in Patreon, on Twitter, or email [email protected] and we will gladly include your questions and comments in the episodes.

If you haven't caught the previous 6 episodes, you should now be able to scroll through our Patreon history to listen.

We are no just $8/mo away from our third goal, "Projected Image", which means our monthly audio-only podcasts will become monthly Video Podcasts (recorded). 

And we have a LOT of other projects in the queue, so you will see a lot more content that you have early access, coming soon. This will include photos from some of our programs, information about the programs, early research information, and much more.

Thank you so much!

Happy Gaming!

-Hawke Robinson