WPW: WWU Queer Con Crunch!
Hi all! A few announcements:

At the 29th of this month, I'll be a guest speaker at Western Washington University Queer Con in Bellingham, WA! 

It's my first time as a speaker, and I'm running around getting the first 20 trees compiled into a chapbook, and printing some copies of the Creativitree so I can have them for sale -- anything I don't sell there will be put up for sale on the web, so keep your eyes peeled!

Mondays and Fridays will keep updating with backdated material re: The 40 Magic Trees and the Archive Fridays, but I'm taking this month off from WPW to script and plot. Since this is a process blog and not exactly the launch of the story, I'm taking advantage of this fact to bounce around the story and follow my personal flow, and not keep hitting my head against a wall when something's not quite working.

See you all in May, with another sequence from the comic!