Wrap Up 4 - January 2018

As promised, this month's Wrap-Up highlighting key points from the video tutorials, disussion questions and our patrons' comments is listed below. 

For this first month, I am making the Wrap-Up public to give visitors an idea what they can expect as patron.  If you find it helpful,  become a patron to our Just Do It Afraid mentorship prorgam, comment on our board and share with your friends & family.

Our First Month in Business With 5 Patrons

We launched Just Do It Afraid, a mentorship program for young adults, on January 15th of this month and 5 new patrons joined. I want to give a shout out to our very first patrons, BreOcan, Fabby, Dune, Tacha and Tina and a HUGE thank you for getting our mentorship program off to a great start. Looking forward to a great learning experience with each of you.

                                                   What Did We Learn This Month? 

1. What is College? That is the question our first video tutorial answered. Key concepts highlighted included: regional versus other forms of accreditation for post-secondary education. We learned that choosing a regionally accredited college/university is best. One of our patron’s, Tina, wanted clarification on this point. Take time to read my response. 

Remember, post-secondary education includes all formal higher education after high school. The differences between technical/trade schools, community colleges and four-year colleges/universities was also discussed. We touched on the fact that college is not for everyone. Earning a college degree may not be necessary if your goal, for example, is to earn a technical skill such as welding or certified nursing assistant. Whichever direction you decide to take, always make sure the program you enroll in is accredited and/or licensed appropriately BEFORE enrolling.

2. What is Offered in College? In the second video tutorial, which was a longer lesson, about 22 minutes, we delve a bit more into what you can expect from college - very different from high school. We defined common college terms, the difference between credit and non-credit courses, types of college courses, different ways to take classes (mode of instruction) and academic learning periods.

One main difference between high school and college is that your college class schedule depends solely on what you want to study. Everyone has to take general education courses which we learned included English, math, foreign language and even physical education, all at the college entry level. 

This is important because you may think that if your goal is to study music, for example, you should not be required to take math or science classes. Not so!  A basic premise of college is to produce well rounded individuals by exposing college students to a variety of different subjects. This is also helpful to you on a personal level because it gives you some time to figure out what you want to study.   

Whether you are a recent high school graduate anxious about college or one who is having difficulty finding a career job after graduating college, do not succumb to fear and anxiety. Fear will paralyze and keep you from thinking rationally. Stop and ask yourself, “what exactly is making me fearful about   this situation?” Whatever the reason is, tackle it at the root. 

For example, if your fearful about starting   college then read up about what college is all about, call the colleges you   are interested in and ask tons of questions. The more you learn, the less fearful you will feel.  

I don’t know how many new and current college students who’ve told me that they do not know what they want to study or better yet…what they want to be when they grow up. 😊 My response is always the same, “Susie, that’s perfectly fine because while you are taking those annoying general education courses during your freshman year, you will be exposed to the experts, i.e. professors, faculty advisors and tutors. Take the time to ask them all the questions you need to help you.” 

Don’t know what questions to ask your advisors or professors? Become a patron, send me a quick post and I will give you some guidance.

3. Post: Its Tax Season!  I posted an article on what it means to file a tax return. Many of you are confused what payroll taxes are and how they are withheld from your paycheck. The article highlighted the importance of filing a tax return if you earned sufficient income the prior year and how to get assistance in filing your return. This is one requirement in life that you cannot escape- paying taxes! Got questions after reading the article, sign up to be a patron and shoot me a post. 

                                                           Next Month’s Lessons

Video Lesson 3: How to Prepare for College

Video Lesson 4: Starting College

Continuing with our college preparation series, the next two video tutorials will teach you about college entrance exams, types of college students and enrollment status, how to apply for federal financial aid (FAFSA), creating a checklist before starting college, paying for textbooks & more. One very important topic covered is the dangers on our college campuses. Parents this is very important if you have a YA planning to live on campus.

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Bye for now,

Dr. Linda