Wrapping up Season One of EOiNA
Next Tuesday (the 5th) will be the posting of the finale for season one of EOiNA.

After that is a break. But by 'break' what I mean is the rest of July through September will be a different story! Totally unrelated, totally AU. I know, me, I wrote a real AU!

EOiNA picks up again in October which seems like a million years ago, but you'll still have something new to read at least monthly until then. Actually September is the only 'one chapter' month, and that may not even be true.

The reason for this is to give me recovery time and wait for people to throw me what THEY want to see in season two of EOiNA. Oh yes. There's a season 2. And half of 3 right now. But I want to give people a chance to say something.

Summer's just starting.