Wrestlers Getting Mad With Shoot Interviewers




Had the idea after seeing The Cat clip so here's a selection of the finest awkward/angry/mad moments with wrestlers and shoot interviewers.

Ernest Miller vs. HighSpots

Nick Gage vs. Smart Mark Video

Terri Runnels vs. HighSpots

Ken Patera vs. Ring of Honor

Chris Chetti vs. a fan at ECW Cyberslam 2000

Spike Dudley vs. HighSpots

Ric Flair vs. RF Video

Ron Simmons vs. HighSpots

Necro Butcher vs. RF Video

Ole Anderson vs. RF

SMV are usually great with their interviews as they're usually hosted by people who are friends/fans with the wrestler, no idea who the guy who was interviewing Nick Gage and being abrasive. ''Lower your tone man.''

Gabe posted about the Ken Patera thing being staged to avoid talking about it but it was on Myspace so it's lost to the ages now. More people have seen the clip then read the explanation so eh. Kayfabe during shoot interviews.

Brett Lauderdale getting torn out by Necro is even funnier knowing Rob Feinstein is in the room with him as he says ''ah we'll just do another one with HighSpots!''

Think there's enough footage to do a wrestlers getting mad with reporters bit, with the likes of Dave Schultz and Louis Theroux etc.

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