Wrestling Prediction League

I have added a new reward event for premium supporters called Wrestling Prediction League! It is a new league that will run all year long & is only open for Patreon, YouTube, & Twitch supporters.

It's exactly what it sounds like: everyone will predict the matches from upcoming PPVs, earn points for every prediction they get right, and go head-to-head with other people in the community! It will be done in seasons. First season is now to Wrestlemania. Second season is post Wrestlemania to Summerslam. Third season is Summerslam to the end of the year PPV!

To participate, become a premium supporter on ANY of the following 3:

Become A Patron On Patreon | Sub On Twitch | Become A YouTube Member 

Now all you have to do is connect your respective account to Discord:

Connect Discord/Patreon | Connect Discord/Twitch | Connect Discord/YouTube 

Head over to my Discord, go to the #WPL room (only premium supporters will be able to see this room so be sure to connect your account), click the link to the form to fill it out, and BOOM! You're ready to go.

If you're not already a Patreon, YouTube, or Twitch supporter, there is never a better time than now!

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