Writer: Rosalyn Hunter
Story ideas for Lunatics!  have arisen from a deep collaboration between the series creators, Rosalyn Hunter and Terry Hancock, but Hunter is the one most responsible for the writing.

She is known for her witty and strong characterization, character voice, and unusual perspectives. A botanist, a molecular-biologist, and a science educator, she has been a lifelong advocate for space development and space agriculture as well as an avid fan of science-fiction, anime, and manga.

She cites many creative influences, including writers as varied as Larry Niven, Anne McCaffrey, Tanith Lee, and Robert L. Forward. She was also strongly influenced by fantasy writers like J.R.R. Tolkien, Lewis Carroll, Hans Christian Anderson, and George MacDonald. And she also enjoys the cyberpunk genre, Greek mythology, and classic literature.

Recently, she has published a number of extremely well-received fan-fiction works under the pen name Aless Nox, including ”The Potion", ”To Mend Icarus", ”Detective Lestrade and the Case of the Lonely Librarian“, and ”Homeless Maddy". She has also produced excellent audio readings of ”Maddy” and ”The Potion“.

Her background for Lunatics! includes a lifetime of interest in science and space, and activity in space advocacy organizations. She was a member and Vice-President of the UT Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (UT-SEDS), and later went on to be active in the National Space Society. She was an organizer of the 1996 Southwest Regional Space Conference and of the 2004  and 2007 International Space Development Conference children’s programs.

She has taught science at different levels, including high-school chemistry and biology, college biology for both majors and non-majors, anatomy and physiology, and botany.

In the early 2000s, she wrote an online blog called “The Space Homestead Corner”, in which she looked into some of the everyday problems that might face people living on the space frontier. Some of those ideas have inspired stories for Lunatics!