Writer Financials updates-

A few updates about my budgets and what's coming up.

Now that AWP is over I've decided to redo my little budget to get some stuff done over the next few months.

Here is how things are shaking out right now. This is what I currently pay every month from Writing monies.

My mobile phone- $42

My Renter's Insurance- $19.59

Software- $6.40

My expenses coming out of writing money (Patreon and freelance payments) have increased a bit.

I also need to save up for some new stuff for my lil home office:

Repayment of monies owed: $450

Chair: $75

New site upgrades: 150$

Camera for vlogging: ??

So this is how your support is working for me and I thank y'all again so much for everything you've done.

Right now, I'm getting pretty close to launching a few new things and am working on some other side hustles.

That's the big update for right now.

Thank you for visiting my page. If you are new or so inclined please feel free to share my link to folks