Writhe and Shine #353 - Mad
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Final Work Tier

  •  See the illustrations before they go public. 
  •  See the progress on the Berni Wrightson pieces I am working on replicating. 
  •  See the comic strips (when they come off hiatus) one day before they get posted. 
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Sketch Tier
  • Get everything from above
  • See the sketches and photos from the illustrations 
  • Watch videos of me sketching/drawing/inking, see the sketches of the comics 
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Color Tier
  • Get everything from above,
  • Have access to the entire Schwartz comic strip archive 
  • Watch videos of me coloring both comic strips. 
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Mailed Sketch Tier
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  • Receive one new Patreon Exclusive Skull Print Card mailed to you each month. Sign up by Sept. 30 to receive the first one! Pledging in Oct. will start you with #2, Nov. #3, etc. 
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  • On your first month, you will receive a package of several things I have to offer in my web store including a Writhe and Shine book, a bookmark, stickers, and your choice of two high quality prints.  
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  • I will personally buy you a drink at the most super-secret-spooky nightspot in the city of Seattle. (How’s that for alliteration?) You must be at least 21 years old with proper ID. You must provide your own transportation and lodging for your trip.
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