Writing Exercise #1
(Line from Elliot Hughes) The packet ship from Bushehr brought me a letter from my wife and a small parcel from Clint containing something I'd hoped to never see again. I stared at it in dismay, then set it aside. I'd better read the letter, first, I decided. It would help me prepare myself to confront the thing in the parcel. I needed to be in the proper emotional state before I could deal with that. "Dear Edward," it began, "I hope you are well." Not a very original or interesting sentiment, I thought. What, is she going to send me a letter telling me she hopes I'm terribly ill? "Dear Edward, I hope you are barfing your guts out." Leslie was never the type to make empty, hostile gestures, anyway. She'd either punch me in the face (mail a letter bomb?) or simply walk away and ignore me. Like she'd done back at the dock when I wouldn't let her kiss me goodbye. (Was it my fault I still had that stuff all over my cheeks and lips? But no, she had to take it personally...) One line in, and already I'd gotten distracted. Dang it. I clenched my teeth, resolved to read on. "I have developed a new hobby, which is gardening," it continued. I already knew that, of course, it wasn't a new hobby at all. "It is a delightful passtime and gives me an excuse to get out of the house, where I am all cooped up." And what an insipid way of talking about it! Distance only helped to highlight how shallow the woman was, without her bosom to distract me. Ah, and now the passive-aggressive part: "As I told you before, the faucet you promised to fix before you left has continued to leak, but never worry, Clint has been a gentleman and fixed it for me. (Don't think I've been unfaithful to you, my dear! Clint and I are friends, nothing more.)" What she still didn't understand was that I'd told Clint to keep an eye on her. To keep her under control, should she do something foolish. But I fear he may have gone too far. Seething with anger at Leslie, I am now ready to look in the parcel again. I am ready to deal with the thing that I hoped never to see again, that I came all this way out here to avoid: I pull back the soggy tissue paper to reveal Leslie's face. "Clive," I say with a sigh, "this is not what I wanted." ---15 Mins--- Writing Exercise Index: http://www.patreon.com/creation?hid=393711