Writing Exercise #2
(Line from me) It was small, transparent and mostly cubical. They passed it around to each other, muttering guesses under their breath. The light glinted prismatically from its corners. The edges were translucent, but the center was actually murky and of indistinct color. Each member of the group fingered the curved notch on the object's side. Something was surely meant to fit here. But what? Some turned out their pockets - there was a series of hisses and clicks as the pockets' vacuum-seals engaged and disengaged - but none of the tools and specimens seemed appropriate. Jaken, the leader, took it. "We'll have to keep exploring," he said. "Let's split into our sub-teams so we can cover more ground." As he tucked the almost-cube into his own pocket, the others split into pairs. Thick boots crunched the frigid vegetation underfoot. "Alpha group," said Jaken, "take the south hallway. Beta and Delta, take the east and west wings. Gamma, outside and check the perimeter. Epsilon, upstairs. Rho and Pho, make camp." They hurried off to their assigned tasks. None noticed that Jaken himself had neither an assignment, nor a partner. He left the building unnoticed, brushing foliage away from the doorway with his thick gloves, and made his way out and around to the back of the green hillock. Roots from a single frost-covered tree hung down like the bars of a cage. The roots had metallic chunks embedded in them. Within this cage, there could be no telepathic contact, as Jaken knew. He'd spotted this location on the way in and made a note of its position. Now, he did the unthinkable: Unsealed his helmet and pulled it from his head, letting his hair fall out. Frost immediately began to cover his face - but he smiled, retrieved the small cube, put it in his mouth and bit down, letting one prominent tooth slide into the notch. The tooth loosened in his gum and came free. He pushed the object, tooth and all, to the back of his throat with his tongue, and swallowed. It landed in his stomach and began to unfold. He could feel it rubbing and tickling his stomach lining. ---15 Mins--- Writing Exercise Index: http://www.patreon.com/creation?hid=393711