Writing Exercise #7
(Line from Peter Thomas) "This will certainly happen again." "It will?" I looked down at the energy dam. Its sides glistened from the spray of fluorescent moisture-light. Terribly gaudy, I thought. "Yes," said Guardian Drikath. "It's inevitable." "But we fixed all of the leaks." "Yes." "We bolstered the weak spots." "Yes." "We reviewed and updated the design plans." "Yes, we did." "Magister Gartmouth is coming tomorrow to implement our changes." "Yes, yes, all this is true." Drikalth clicked his left beak in irritation. "The dam will be many times more durable. By an order of magnitude. It will be impregnable-" "No. There, you are wrong." "How am I wrong? My probability calculations-" He thumped the front of my chassis with a talon. "Irrelevant," he said. "As you know, my kind can perceive the entire multidimensional manifold of causality." "'Perceive' is putting it rather strongly, I think," I said, "given that-" "Quiet!" His crest flared. "I have seen that there is only one possibility: The dam will break once more." I'd known him for years, and he'd never sounded so certain before. He'd offer a counter-argument if anyone tried to tell him that the sky was blue. His utter certainty now meant that either the dam's breakage truly was inevitable, or else his sanity was faulty. "Do a self-diagnostic," I suggested to him. "I beg your pardon?" "I mean..." I floundered. "Whatever organic brains do when they need to check the integrity of their-" "I know what you meant," he snapped. "I question all of my results, believe you me. I am the emperor of self-reflection." "It's just that your current behavior seems inconsistent with previously displayed characteristics." "Does it? Does it really?" "Yes. You took three hours to decide what you wanted for lunch yesterday." Tangible evidence, I thought. Just what it usually took to sway him. "Today, I am certain," he said, "because today, the future is clear. As though someone built a lighthouse on top of the future. As though someone hung a great big sign on the lighthouse in bold ultraviolet that says 'the dam will break, despite your precautions!'" ---15 mins--- Writing Exercise Index: http://www.patreon.com/creation?hid=393711
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