Writing Exercise #12
(Prompt from Reddit) [An ancient sentient sword is found by a 12 year old boy in his backyard.] He pulled the turf up, curious. "Hello?" he said. "Is... is there someone down there?" "Yes, there is! Pull me up!" He hadn't honestly expected a response. He figured the voice he'd heard had come from the neighbors, or someone walking down the street. Maybe his dad had left the TV on. Something like that. Even though it sounded like it was coming from one particular square of the turf his parents had laid down two days previous after they'd dug up all the old, dying dandelion-infested grass to replace it with a breed better suited for the local climate. "Pull who up?" he asked, suspiciously. "All I see is dirt." He glanced over his shoulder at the house. If one of his parents glanced out the window and caught him playing with the turf... "Are you an earthworm?" he asked. "No," said the voice. "I'm a falchion. Just dig a bit. I'm not very deep." "I really shouldn't do that," he said. His parents had sacrificed a whole three-day weekend to get the turf squared away. They'd come back to the house dirty and angry for their efforts - turned out the squares had been measured wrong, and they had to pull them all out and re-cut them to make them fit properly. They'd made some pretty dire threats to him about not touching the turf until it had time to take root. "What," said the supposed falchion, "are you just going to leave me down here?" It had a female voice. Not a very warm voice, though. To be fair, he'd be just as exasperated if he were trapped under the dirt. "What's a falchion?" he asked. "Some kind of corpse monster?" "Corpse monster? What?" "Living things can't survive underground," he said, reasonably. "They suffocate." "I'm a sword, idiot! A falchion is a kind of sword!" "Oh. Okay. I guess that makes sense. How come you can talk?" "I'm a magic sword." He considered this for a moment. "Okay," he said, "I'll go get the shovel." Digging was tense. He was sure his parents would catch him at any moment, but at last he uncovered the... plastic sword? ---15 mins--- Writing Exercise Index: http://www.patreon.com/creation?hid=393711
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