Writing Exercise #15
(Line from me) They stood outside the portcullis, waved their torches, and roared. The baron sighed. He turned the small piece of cardboard in his hand over and over, staring down at the torch-bearing crowd through the tower's thin window. "Who thought it was a good idea," he asked nobody in particular, "to give the lion-men torches?" "Yours, your baronship," said a voice. The baron twisted back around on his velvet cushion. There in front of him, the ghost Handacles bobbed and wavered in his gray, translucent leather jerkin. "I wasn't talking to you," snapped the baron. "Go away." "I'd rather not," said Handacles. "I'd rather stay here." "Pfaugh." "You'll have to flee, if the lion-men get in. Your dogs won't face them, and your men won't stand a chance against them. If I were you, I'd start fleeing now." There was a crash from below, and the sound of iron moaning unhappily. "Yes," said the baron. "I know." He sighed and shook his head. "It's a pity. I was so close to completing it." "Your experiment?" The baron pressed the cardboard in his hand down on the table in front of him, where it fit perfectly against several other pieces of cardboard. "Oh," said Handacles, "the jigsaw." "Not enough time to find out what the picture was," said the baron, mournfully. "A dragon in flight? A centaur on the fields of battle? A voluptuous lady in repose beneath draped sheets of samite? I suppose now I'll never know. I was quite curious. Look at this piece - look at that green shape. What could it possibly be?" He slipped it into the pocket of his vest, idly, after the ghost had taken a look. "No," the baron added, "I finished the experiment yesterday. With mixed results, I'm afraid." The baron stood up, stretched, took a gulp of wine from his golden goblet, then tossed it to the floor. "I suppose I'd better get a move on," he said. "From the sound of things, the lions are already at the gate. Will you be accompanying me?" "Sadly," said Handacles, "I haunt this castle, not you. It'll be much more boring without you. Come back, if you can?" "If I can," said the baron. "We'll see what happens. I think the trout-men down the valley will prove to be potent allies." ---15 mins--- Writing Exercise Index: http://www.patreon.com/creation?hid=393711
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