Writing Exercise #16
(Line from Reddit) "Do you require assistance, human?" "Yes," she said. The sign flickered and the words changed: "Physical? Mental? Other?" She squinted at it. The sign appeared to be made of plastic, or maybe even painted wood. The letters weren't part of a digital display. They were carved into the sign's surface - or so it seemed. "Who's asking?" she said. It didn't change. "Other," she said. 'Physical' would have been more accurate. However, she was curious. "State the nature of your requirements, Human," the sign said. "A person. I want a person." "Multiple entries found. Please clarify." "Companionship." "Do you wish for the nature of the companionship to be: Conversational? Recreational? Procreational? Other?" "Er, other." She bit her lip. Maybe she should have left the help systems alone. Her legs hadn't completely failed her. They'd just gone weak. She could still make it back to the charging station in her room. Probably. "Dispatching a life-form to your location," read the sign. The letters blinked in and out of existence a couple of times, and then the sign retracted into the ceiling. Well, then. She pulled herself up the wall until she was standing on her feet. It wouldn't do to appear too helpless. Her joints ached slightly from the exertion. They probably needed to be lubricated, too, she thought. In the distance, down the corridor to her left, she saw a round shape appear. It moved along the ceiling toward her. As it approached, she heard a series of whirs and thumps, and a bunch of metal bars emerged from the top of the walls and slid across the corridor until they reached the wall opposite. The shape appeared to be swinging from bar to bar on three appendages. It resolved into a roundish thing, colored in shades of lavender and maroon, with three sensory organs above a pair of orifices, and an extremely bulky white belt. It stopped in front of her, hanging from one arm. "Oh dear," it said, "you poor thing!" ---15 mins--- Writing Exercise Index: http://www.patreon.com/creation?hid=393711