Writing Exercise #17
(Prompt from writingprompts.net) [Write about a country that is small but is able to keep itself from being attacked] The danger loomed over the nation of Inimisculs, but no citizen so much as batted an eye. The Dangerwatchers announced the threat over the evening news with their customary aloof drawl, perpetually unconcerned. Inimisculs had no imports or exports. It was self-contained in every fashion. Neither was there immigration or emigration, but its people were, on the whole, content. They cultivated a form of mold that could store sunlight in its roots for many decades and would climb wood lattices like ivy - this kept them sufficient in any eventuality. Such as the upcoming danger, which, the Dangerwatchers admitted, would be a striking one. They agreed to broadcast the event on public screens. The footage came from a network of cameras that surrounded the country on all sides, deposited just within the outermost layer of its defenses. On the day of danger, the people watched a great behemoth crawl towards them, pink and fleshy and garbed in a fleecy romper. It reached a great, grubby hand toward the country, its grasp eclipsing the light, lifted the country to its untoothed maw, and swallowed. The men and women of Inimisculs did not fear. They switched on their internal lighting, powered by the mold, and went back to their daily activities. "Dear," said Henry Smithsson, "the baby's eating marbles again." "Small ones?" Leslie's voice came from the bedroom closet, where she was picking out a dress for the evening. She sounded only mildly concerned. "No, the big ones," said Henry. "Oh." Leslie was relieved. "The small ones are too dense for his internal furnaces. They give him indigestion." "Of course, dear," said Henry. "When is the babysitter going to arrive?" "Any minute now," said Henry. "I have the gloves all ready for him. And the faceplate." "Don't forget to tell him where we keep the fire extinguisher," said Leslie, finally emerging with an elegantly embroidered leather apron. "And make sure you review the protocol for disposing of spent fuel canisters." ---15 mins--- Writing Exercise Index: http://www.patreon.com/creation?hid=393711