Writing Exercise #20
(Prompt from @storyprompt) "Spotted: Floating off the starboard side. Cetaceans!" I looked up at the loudspeaker, irritated. The announcer's voice, distorted by static, was too loud and irritatingly nasal. "And what cetaceans! Inky black, sleek and glistening - like torpedoes, they are!" I pulled myself up over the railing, onto the deck, and shot a stream of inky black goo at the loudspeaker. The announcer's voice cut off. Sheesh. My pod brothers hoisted themselves up behind me with long, dark tentacles that they extruded from their fins. They gathered around me. The tourists and sight-seers, previously gathered around the starboard deck railing to gawk at the pretty dolphins, drew back farther. They clearly hadn't been expecting this. Probably, they'd be panicking if there'd been fewer of them, but but as it was, each individually assumed that if nobody else was panicking, that must mean it was safe. So they stood in a great, uncertain crowd around the seven of us. I grinned a bottlenose grin. "Ladies and gentlemen," I said, "today is your lucky day. You're in for a real treat." I wiggled my tail slowly to signal to the others. Behind me, they began to haul the display carts up out of the water. "You thought the cruise managers had entertainment for you? You ain't seen nothing! Straight from the pelagic zones, we bring you: The Glossyblack Pod's Seven-Dolphin Circus!" Behind me, I heard a thud. The stage - and even more importantly, the souvenir stands. "See acts that would stun a sunfish! Live urchin juggling! Lionfish and elephant seals! Trick bubble-blowing on a high-wire!" The dolphins behind me began using their unique metamorphic abilities to create the high-wire out of inky-black strands of goo. "Watch our trained albatrosses perform aerial stunts! All this and more!" A man in a uniform came out of a door in the deck above us and went to the railing. He glared down. "I'm the captain here," he said. "Just what do you think you're doing? Do you have a permit?" ---15 mins--- Writing Exercise Index: http://www.patreon.com/creation?hid=393711
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