Writing on Schedule

Hey, potential patreon supporter! Are my goals a reality? For January, it is a definite yes. I am currently averaging nearly 4k words a day, and am on track to write a total of 120k words just for January. The 1st of 4 episodes of Spilling Blood III is finished, Apocalypse Witch Book 3 is done and in the editing stage, and Hungry Gods book 3's first draft will be finished around the end of the month. 

That's a big deal if you are considering any of the larger contributions. That means anyone contributing $5 a month will have a number of free ebooks to choose from, the $10 a month (before the end of this month) will receive Spilling Blood ep. 11 and likely Apocalypse Witch book 3. 

February is going to be a huge deal with the release of Hungry Gods Book 3 in paperback and the release of all 3 Apocalypse Witch books in a single paperback. That means at the $25 dollar contribution level, you will be easily getting your money's worth right from the beginning.

Once a few contributors jump on board, I'll start throwing in some other fun surprises to hit the milestones. 

Thanks for checking me out. If you not familiar with me as an author, stop by my blog where I record my daily word counts, announce book sales, and do a bunch of other stuff (http://gswright.com). And of course, to see what I've already written, check out my author page on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/G.S.-Wright/e/B00BACWEQA/).

G.S. Wright